Student Research Matching Program

The Student Research Matching Program (SRMP) aims to bridge the gaps between the students and supervisors by facilitating this communication and to provide the students with research opportunities based on their interests, previous experiences and academic achievements. If implemented properly, this process is going to be the main driving engine behind our whole approach.

Through its processes, the SRMP will facilitate the communication between students and their faculty supervisors and enables the program directors to monitor their work continuously. The project provides a student-faculty mutual benefits, giving the students the opportunity to perform research, while providing faculty with help from interested and eager students.

The Student Research Matching Program (SRMP) aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote the students research skills and experiences and expose them to different research methodologies.
  • Enhance Team work, self-confidence skills and clarify career paths for students.
  • Improve the students’ compliance by direct monitoring and reports submitted to the SRMP directors.
  • Provide the faculty with highly reliable medical student volunteers to help in their projects and publications
  • Encourage the students to move beyond textbook learning and work in more complex tasks.
SRMP Structure

This program is based on the Medical Students Research Program, which is being implemented in the University of Sharjah since September 2018.