Research Guide

Please carefully read the following steps for a general overview of how to successfully start your first research project.

1- Choosing a Research Topic & Faculty Supervisor

This can be done either in person or via the Student’s Research Matching Program, as explained here.

  • In Person
    • Approach the professor of your subject of interest during their office hours and explain to them your interest in research.
    • If you have a topic in mind, read up on it before you approach them so you can make your meeting with them as productive as possible.
    • If you don’t have a topic in mind, ask them whether or not they have any pending projects that you could be involved in.
    • Tell them about your preferred type of research, if any.
    • Ask them for advice on how to conduct research in general and for any pointers on how to deal with your specific topic.
    • Always express your interest in publishing at the outset.
    • Always set a date for your next meeting, the sooner the better.
  • Student’s Research Matching Program (SRMP)*
    • Visit the SRMP web page here and fill the requisite form.

(Please note the the SRMP is still under development and you’ll be put on a waiting list until it launches soon)

2- Research Proposal Submission

  • The deadline for  scientific paper proposal submission is 16th October  2019. Proposals should be scrutinized and submitted by your faculty supervisor to the respective Dean then to RAKMHSU Research and Ethics Committee .

3- Research & Ethics Committee of RAKMHSU Approval

  • Research proposal abstract is around 15 pages including:
    • The title of the research
    • Introduction
    • Aims & objectives
    • Materials or methods used
    • Results and Conclusion.
    • It is edited and approved by the supervisor to be submitted to the RAKMHSU REC.
  • Approval takes approximately around 8 weeks.
  • An acknowledgement receipt of approval will be sent after which one of three committees will make any corrections needed to the abstract and after all concerns have been relieved, the approval to begin research will be sent to the principle investigator (PI) and supervisor.

4- Research Commencement

(Collecting samples, recording, analyzing and concluding results)

5- Preparing Data for Publication and Presentation

  • Try to prioritize publication over presentation in general
  • Posters can be designed using Microsoft Publisher
  • Presentations can be designed using Microsoft PowerPoint

NOTE: If human subject or human samples, approval is needed from RAK Ethics Committee (RAK-REC).

NOTE: A consent form has to be signed by every patient and recorded.