Research First Aid

Student's research facilitation service  

Why Research First Aid?

For many of the students inexperience and lack of knowledge in medical researching can lead to delay, low quality research output which in the long run makes the students demotivated to continue their research or conduct a new one.

Students face problems like not knowing who to contact for research conduction, don’t know how to prepare an ethical approval proposal, how to collect data and analyse it, how should they contact and select journals for publication, and sometimes they their papers get rejected for publications for many reasons.

That been outlined, The Committee on Science & Technology created this service to address the student’s problems that could be delaying their research publication and causing demotivation.

How to use the service?

To benefit from this service, you will have to submit a google form (see below) requesting help from our side, the form has questions like; Details of the team requesting help, type of research, the problem explained, and you can upload any documents which might be helpful for us to review the problem. 

After we review your request, you will be receiving an email from us that confirms that we got your request and we will either ask you for a meet up for discussing the problem or you’ll just receive a step-by-step guide that is addressing your problem/inquiry.

Important Notes for the students:

• Depending on the problem, our specialized team will decide whether or not this
problem can be solved through emails or if we will need to have a short meeting
with you/the team to understand the problem.
• All first aid requests shall be solved within a week – (will depend on exam seasons, number of requests received, the problem faced)
• Requests will be taken on a first come first serve basis.
• Some problems will be managed by advising the team and a follow-up from our side.• please note that some issues might be out of our control, but we will try to help as much as possible.