Students Achievements Bank

All student’s research achievements in one place

What is it?

This online easily accessible bank will be a display of all of our work as students in RAKMHSU; from research paper publications to conference participations and awards. We take great pride in the hard work you put in and we see the need to share it with everyone else. All students will be able to add their achievements at any time, anywhere. 

Our online bank is a Google document that would contain a table where you can easily add your achievement. In the document, you will find an example of an achievement in the table, so that you know how you’ll be adding yours. Please make sure you read and follow the rules & regulations mentioned in the document before submitting your achievement. 

Please read the following instructions before you add your achievement:
  • Only RAKMHSU STUDENTS, INTERNS & ALUMNI are eligible to add their names using RAKMHSU email accounts.
  • If you are in a group, only one student can add the achievement. Please avoid repetition of titles.
  • If you are in a group, you are required to add all the names of your colleagues within their permission
  • Include your ID number, college,  year of study at which it was achieved and supervisor (if applicable). 
  • Submit a link to certify your achievement. Titles with no evidence will not be accepted.
  • Please add each achievement in it’s right table, i.e; a conference participation in the conference participation’s table list and so on. If your achievement is a competition award you can include it in the conferences section. 
  • This document will be managed by the Committee on Science & Technology, under the supervision of the Student Affairs Department.